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Here are some of the many typewriter related websites available for those your personal research. Check them all out.

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go to Mr. Polt's site The Classic Typewriter Site

By Richard Polt, is a great resource for all collectors, especial those Remington Portables. It has a number of pages, including; a list of articles on typewriters, typewriter want ads, a huge list of links to other typewriter sites, repair shop directory, and more.

go to Herr Schumann's site The Typewriter Database

By Dirk Schumann. The "Database" is one of the most complete collections of serial numbers ever. It includes serial numbers from most common machines and some not so common. Contributions welcome.

!! WARNING !! This site plays a sound file in the first two pages, please turn you system sound down before entering if this music will disturb others near you. Hint, hint, to those of you doing recreational surfing on the company dime. !! WARNING !!

go to Mr. Paul's site The Virtual Typewriter Museum site

The typewriter is one of the great inventions of 19th Century communications technology. Between the 1860s and 1920s engineers, inventors and even carpenters invested all their creativity in the development of the ultimate writing machine. This virtual museum, that is based on private collections from around the world, is a tribute to their ingenuity. The museum was started in June 2001. It continues to grow.

Edited/publushed by Paul Robert.

go to Mr. Davs's site Will Davis Presents Portable Typewriters

By Will Davis. A website dedicated to researching brands and makes of primarily post WWII portable typewriter world wide. The information presented in this site is a testiment to the dedication and researching skills of its author. The information contained in these pages come from multiple sources, and have never been synthesized — the way Will has — anywhere else. Includes links to other Davis Family projects.

go to the Yesterday's Office site Yesterday's Office site

This site is an excellent source of office related articles. It also has a number of useful links.

go to Sr. Sales's site The Underwood Typewriter Site

By Joan Sales. His site is dedicated to the Underwood Typewriter; with restoration tips, serial number charts, and other resources.

go to Mr. Paul's site Typewriter Restoration Site

By Paul Robert. There is a plethora of restoration information here. View his completed and current projects. A must site to visit if you want to make your machine a presentable item for display or for the enjoyment of restoration.

The QWERTY Connection website

By Darryl Rehr, a longtime typewriter collector and author of Antique Typewriters, among other things typewriter related. His web site covers antique typewriters, collecting, ribbon tins and QWERTY; a good starting point for the beginning collector, and a nice place to visit for not so novice collectors.

go to Mr. Casillo's site Antique Typewriter Collector's Website

By Anthony Casillo, a typewriter collector and enthusist. Featuring Typewriter Memory lane, a pictorial gallery of early typewriters, as well as other resources for anyone interested in antique typewriters.

go to Mr. Concotta's and Mr. Dilt's site my Chuck & Rich's Antique Typewriter Website and Museum logo

By Rich Cincotta and Chuck Dilts, the editors of ETCetera, the magazine of the Early Typewriter Collectors Association. They also have a list and some images of their collection and well as other information.

The Landbee Collection Logo

By Les Owen. This site offers vintage machines for sale. It also displays some of his collection with some consintration of the Blickensderfer models.

go to Mr. Howard's site The Martin Howard Antique Typewriter site

Martin Howard's Typewriter Gallery; a pictorial reference. He lives in Toronto, Canada with family and has been collecting antique typewriters since 1988. Over the years he has put together a collection of fifty typewriters dating from the 1880s to the early 1900s. He invites you to browse his collection and discover for yourself this wonderful world of antique typewriters!

go to Mr. Moran's site The Bob Moran Antique Typewriter site

By Bob Moran. This Australian site has been set up as a service to all those dedicated people, who are endeavoring to ensure the history of the typewriter lives on for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

go to Mr. Clifton's site The L. Neale Clifton Portable Typewriter page

By L. Neale Clifton. He looks at the portable typewiters from the begining to those still made today.

go to Mr. Tanner's site The Jack Tanner Typewriter Site

By Jack Tanner. His brief look at collecting antique typewriters and his collection. Also, his thoughs on why these machines should be treated with respect.

go to the Early Office Musuem site The Early Office Musuem site

The Early Office Museum engages in research on the evolution of offices and business technology based on original documents and artifacts.

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