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These groups are a great way to communicate with other collectors and to learn more about the hobby.

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The Yahoo Groups Typewriters List Link

"TYPEWRITERS is an open e-mail list, intended as free-and-easy forum for posting messages of interest to collectors of typewriters, calculators, ribbon tins and other office-related items. Also, consider this list as a special forum for restoration-related topics introduced at the Typewriter Restoration Site. This list is TOTALLY AUTOMATED, so that anything you send will be posted immediately. Anything that you feel is of interest to your fellow collectors may be posted here. It may be off-topic if you feel your collecting friends would be interested . . . it may even be personal news that you'd like to share with everyone. No personal attacks, however. Enjoy the open forum, and feel free to participate . . . or not!"
— Yahoo Groups' TYPEWRITERS description

my The Portable typewriter Forum Logo

The only discussion forum specifically limited to portable typewriters! Operated in conjunction with "The Site for Collectors of Portable Typewriters" by Will Davis. If you're looking for a place to talk typewriters made after 1940 only, you've found it.
— Yahoo Groups' The Portable Typewriter Forum description

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