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Article list last updated January 8, 2006.

Time for a typewriter renaissance?

- Jessie Scheiwe. Jne 19, 2012 []
Hipsters and newbies alike rediscover those beautiful machines that go clickety-clack

Typewriter's last stand: There's still...

- Karen McCowan. January 8, 2006 [The Register-Guard, Oregon]
...someone who makes a living fixing the outdated machines — Jim Cagle, owner of The Typewriter Shop, the last local example of a disappearing breed, the keeper of an endangered, once common, sound: Clack. Clack. Clack clack clack clack clack. Ding!

Different strokes for different folks

- David Hayes. January 7, 2006 [Globe and, Canada]
HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY — A review of The Iron Whim: A Fragmented History of Typewriting (see Tapping into a gilded history below) by Darren Wershler-Henry.

Ribbons of ink-stained memory

- Gary Michael Dault. January 7, 2006 [Globe and, Canada]
GALLERY GOING — It doesn't sound like much, taking old typewriters apart and photographing their scattered innards. But like all gifted artists, Halifax's Robert Bean has managed to take this rather simple, almost childlike procedure, and make something really quite provocative, stirring and, in the end, revelatory of it.

Ringmaster of his own design

- Lennie Bennett, Times Art Critic. January 5, 2006 [St. Petersburg Times]
The circus comes to town every day for Howard C. Tibbals, the creative genius behind an intricate miniature world. Included here because it's FASCINATING!

Stamford lands Virgin Atlantic

- Richard Lee, Assistant Business Editor. January 4, 2006 [Stamford Advocate]
Virgin Atlantic, based in Great Britain, signed a 15-year lease to relocate to a 15,200-square-foot space at 650 Atlantic St. in the former headquarters of the Blickensderfer Typewriter Co.

Frank Cary, Who Led IBM Through...

- Rochelle Garner, Reporter. January 4, 2006 [Bloomberg]
... Most of the 1970s, Dies at 85 — During Cary's tenure, IBM introduced a 50-pound "portable" computer, the Selectric typewriter and a so-called Winchester hard drive, which stored twice the amount of information as previous hard drives.

Typewriters still selling in the age of computers

- Derek Gentile, Berkshire Eagle Staff. January 3, 2006 [Berkshire Eagle]
PITTSFIELD — Retired Berkshire Eagle associate editor W. Grier Horner said he doesn't remember the specific day that typewriters were replaced in the Eagle newsroom, but he remembers what it felt like.
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