The Shannon L. Johnson Typewriter Collection, a tribute to typewriters and their makers.

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A variety of newsletters are being published by and for Typewriter and Ribbon Tin collectors. Contact them directly to subscribe.

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The newsletter for the Early Typewriter Collectors Association, in print since 1987. It's published quarterly and features interviews with fellow collectors, articles on interesting machines, classifieds and many more subjects including other office machinery.
— Richard Polt: Editor

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The Typewriter Exchange is a quartly news letter for the typewriter collector. The web page has many photos of antique and collectable typewriters and office machines.
— Curtis Scaglione: Typex Web Master

Ribbon Tin News Logo

Published by the Virtual Typewriter Museum, this newsletter appears six times a year with historical discoveries, in-depth studies, surprising facts and trophies from Granda's drawer. The Journal is distributed as a full-color PDF e-zine publication. You can make your own color laser print.
— Flavio Mantelli and Paul Robert: VTJ Editors

Ribbon Tin News Logo

The Ribbon Tin News is no longer publishing new issues, however back issues are still avalible from Hoby.
The Ribbon Tin News was a quartly news letter for the ribbon tin and office machine collectors. Topics range from ribbon tins, typewriters, pencil sharpeners, carbon paper and anything else that the various companies included in their production portfolios.
— Hoby Van Deusen: RTN Editor


The web home of the German language Internationales Forum Historische Bürowelt e.V. They publish three magazine issues and 11 newsletters a year. The newsletter contain comes with an english summary for English readers.

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