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Mimeoscope Model No. 1
Manufactured 1910-20s
Serial Number 6662*
Color Black
Mimeoscope 5
Manufactured 1940-50s
Serial Number
Stand 638938
Table 627933
Color Green

A.B. Dick Mimeoscope Model No. 1 Photo of A.B. Dick Mimeoscope No. 1

I acquired this in April 2007 from eBay locally. This Mimeoscope came with a Mimeograph (not pictured) and loads of contempary paperwork and tools from when it was used by a southwest Minnesota grocery story/general store family.

A.B. Dick Mimeoscope Illuminated Drawing Board 5

I acquired this in June 2004 at a state surplus auction from South Dakota State University. Very little information is avalible on these devices, I have been not able to find any information from this 1940/50s era model.

Current market value depends on age, condition, model, and what the buyer is willing to pay. No market values have been established. So ask what you think it's worth from the buyer or seller, and be prepaired to negotiate. Photo of A.B. Dick Mimeoscope 5

Description of 1927 Mimeoscope Sizes

Adapted from the Business Machine and Equipment Digest

A drawing table with an electrically illuminated glass top. By its use tracings are made from drawings of any nature (mechanical or free hand) on dermatype stencil paper. Constructed of metal and wood with a revolving base, adjustable to any position of the work. The top or drawing plate is frosted glass, bound by maple guide rales, squared for accuracy. An electric light placed under the glass radiates under and penetrates the drawing being traced, and the stencil which is fastened on the board over the origional.

Size No. 1, for making stencils for Nos. 77 and 78, and smaller Mimeographs; for forms up to 7.25 x 14 inches, complete with a full set of writing and drawing styli, T-square and compasses; 15-foot extension cord with plug; uses a 60-watt lamp (older or newer models may/will use different lamps) — sold for $50.00 in 1927.

Size No. 2, for forms up to 14 x 20 inches, complete with drawing equipment, etc., same as Size No. 1 — sold for $70.00 in 1927.

Tiltoscope, for tilting the Mimeoscope to any position desired — sold for $20.00 in 1927.

A.B. Dick : Where are they now?

A.B. Dick was acquired by Presstek, Inc. in 2004 and has beem integrated into their corporation as the sales, marketing and customer service arm under the Presstek. The A.B. Dick name/brand is no more after 120 years. They do not have archives of obsolete equipment. It appears they has given much of it The Henry Ford, a museum/historical group. Here, The Henry Ford announce the acquisition, as they are cataloging it it may be some time before it can be accessed.



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