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This listing of commercial sites and contacts is provided to assist in locating vintage (and not so vintage) Office Machines, supplies and professional servicing. I recieve no compensation or gratuity for listing these orgainisations and/or individuals.

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J. J. Short Company Logo

With the closing of Ames Supply Company (1902-2012), J. J. Short & Assoc. has added typewriter platens and feed rollers to their portfolio of hard-to-find and obsolete roller repairs. Please visit thier website for more information. They are based in the New York.

My logo for Jay Respler's Advanced Business Machines Co.
"We carry supplies for typewriters, calculators and other office machines."
— Jay Respler

Jay Respler is an avid collector who has been in the typewriter business for years, and a man with many diverse interests. ABM is the authorized agency for Brother, Smith Corona, Swintec, and Olivetti/Royal and provides repair services for all kinds of equipment, both new and old. When it comes to nylon, cotton, or silk typewriter ribbons, he carries many ribbons not available anywhere else. He also has a large selection of Smith Corona (SCM) Typewriter Manuals, and may have other such things avalible.

Jay Respler
230 Randolph Road
Freehold, NJ 07728-1535

Tel: 732-431-1464

Antique Typewriter Collector's Website
"I provide typewriter repair service as well as ribbons for vintage typewriters."
— Anthony Casillo

Anthony Casillo has been a typewriter repairman since 1975 and he has also been collecting antique typewriters since 1978. His company repairs both vintage and modern office equipment of all varieties. They also sell cotton ribbons for many vintage typewriters in addition to supplies for more recent models.

Links to Mr. Casillo's pages and sites on: Anthony Casillo
TTS Business Products
325 Nassau Blvd.
Garden City South, NY 11530-5312

Tel: 516-489-8300
Fax: 516-489-6501

Brekers Auction Team logo

Self billed as The World's Leader & Record Holder of "Technical Antiques", Breker specializes in technical antiques, they hold regular specialty auctions of all kinds of Old Technology. They have catalogs of current and many previous auction available for purchase. Auction Team Köln is in Köln (a/k/a Cologne), Germany.

Antikma Auction logo

Rainer Rzepka, from Hochstein Germany, holds auctions for antique Typewriters, calculators, telephones and other office-machines.

Office Machine Americana logo

By Ernie Jorgenson. This site offers for sale reproduction manuals and other paper booklets relating to Office Machines. He also offers oddities like keys for Burroughs Adding Machines so you can look inside those iron beasts.

The Landbee Collection Logo

By Les Owen. This site offers vintage machines for sale. It also displays some of his collection with some consintration of the Blickensderfer models.

John Lewis's Logo

By John Lewis. He offers his expertise in mechanial antique repair for Typewriters, Music Boxes, Phonographs and others contraptions. Contact him for more infromation and for price quotes.

My logo

By Charles Gu. This site offers reproduction manuals, and vintage machines for sale. It also displays some of Charles Gu's collection.

Mr. Typewriter Logo

a.k.a., St. Louis Wholesale Typewriter Company. Dan Puls provides old fashion technology for hands-on writers or poets, news and sports editior and the adventurous Third World traveler. His company provides sales, service and export; they welcome international customers.

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