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The Oliver Typewriter Page

Serial Numbers for Oliver Typewriters

Serial numbers for determining the date of manufacture for the Oliver Typewriters are available; numbers and dates are approximate as no deffinitive data has yet been found. If you have any correction or additions, my contact information is at the bottom on this page. With your permission, I will credit you as a source in the footnote.

The Oliver Company History

The history of the Oliver Typewriter Company, how this wonderful machine was created, how it thrived, and its slow passing into history.

An Obituary of Rev. Thomas Oliver

The obituary of Thomas Oliver as included on an insert in The Bulletin, the Oliver Company magazine, following his passing. The obituary text and portraite was generously provided by David M. MacMillan and is classified as public domain.

The Oliver No. 3

Descriptions of Oliver Nos. 3 & 4, Canadian Oliver No. 3, Courier and Jacobi, The Standard Visible Writers.

The Oliver No. 5

Descriptions of Oliver Nos. 5 & 6 and the Revilo, The Standard Visible Writers.

The Oliver Ruling Devices

An article describing a fantastic Oliver innovation, the Oliver Ruling Device. Discussion of the different versions, with accompanying illustrations.

Field Guide to Identifing Oliver Portable Model Type

A photo guide to identifing the various Oliver Portable Models that have been made.

Printype, a Typeface Revolution

Read what Oliver had to say about their amazing, and innovative font.

The World-Wide Oliver Typewriter Census

This is the online nexus of my Oliver Typewriter Census, many machines have been submitted by collectors from all over the world. More submissions are always welcome. I am attempting to clarify production statistics for all models of the famous Oliver Typewriters. My articles on the Oliver will be updated when the results correct previously known information. The results of this census are availible to all, all I ask is you tell people where you got it from.


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