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The "Animal Keyboard" was the next (as the origional Standard Folding Typewriter some 30 years before) in a long line of innovations concieved by Corona. The Animal Keyboard was available with the following models:

Corona Silent

Corona Sterling

Corona Standard

This system of typing instruction for young children is among the more desirable variants of Corona Portable Typewriters from the late nineteen-thirties. U.S. Design Patent No. 100,245 was granted to L. C. Smith & Corona assignor Myrtle R. Keller on the thirtieth of June 1936 for this ornamental innovation. The use of bright colors, animals, rings, and an illustrated play-exercise book as teaching aids was based on psychological principles of the era. A set of lively colored and decorated key-tops were applied to various models of the time at an additional cost of $2.25. The "Animal Keyboard" was available with Corona Silent, Corona Sterling and Corona Standard models. Each key-top shows, in addition to its usual letter, an animal corresponding to one of the animals on a set of adjustable finger rings, designed to be placed on the child's fingers.

According to Corona, this vivid and appealing system fostered correct fingering from the very first stroke as nearly automatic as seems humanly possible. Habits were encouraged to be established which will make typing easier and faster through the years to come. Only the left little finger wearing the bluebird ring will touch the blue keys on the keyboard—the ones carrying bird pictures. Only the right thumb wearing the elephant ring will touch the spacebar with the lively elephant parade. My Corona Typewriter Book is supplied with each animal keyboard Corona along with the finger rings. This is a 45-page book enlivened by scores of fascinating animal pictures by Byron G. Newton.

Finding these "Animal Keyboard" Coronas is difficult, as the additional cost limited these machines to those who where willing to buy a machine intended for younger children. A Colored Keyboard (sans animals & rings) was marketed to older children and adults who did not need the rings to learn. They used soft pastel colors instead of the vivid ones on the "Animal Keyboard." As most people who are experienced in collecting, the extras are hardest to find, even for common machines. Rings, especially complete sets, are very hard to find, having long ago been separated from their typewriter due to play or mastery of touch typing. Aside form the manual that came with the machine and the My Corona Typewriter Book mentioned above, a descriptive booklet was included for parents and teachers: ...to help little fingers, guide eager young minds.

Plan View of Keyboard

(avalible with American Keyboard only)

—{ Figure 2, Sheet 2 of 2, U. S. Design Patent No. 100,245 }—


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